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2016-08-04 22:08:34 +0700
Aug 04 2016

When contractors went looking for equipment to make Facebook's new venture a reality they came across a family owned business in Vienna, Ohio called Kundel Industries.  Kundel has provided many big names in the... Learn more

Monorail lift systems
Jul 28 2016

What is a monorail?  Well a monorail is a single rail section that is used to pass a load from one area to another on a single route typically on one axis, see image above.  Now there are curved monorails, similar to an overhead conveyor, that... Learn more

Overhead Crane Prices
Jul 22 2016

Across the industry there are many suppliers and manufacturers of overhead cranes... some structural and some proprietary in design.  Whether you are looking for a... Learn more

Where to Buy an Overhead Crane
Jul 20 2016

The search is on... The task can be a daunting one, but you are in luck as there are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you make better informed or educated decisions.  
Many companies have turned to the internet or trade... Learn more

What to look for in a shop crane
Jul 12 2016

So you are in the market for a crane and do not know which way to turn.  You try a Google search, but your search terms aren't turning up anything relevant in regards to your search.  In fact, many times your search terms are much different than... Learn more