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Jib Cranes, Jib Cranes, Jib Cranes
Aug 23 2016

There are a variety of options to moving loads around your facility and many products that cater specifically to that market.  There are many manufacturers of forklifts,... Learn more

Zero Gravity Lift Manufacturer  Improves Ergonomics
Aug 18 2016

Improving ergonomics in the workplace started decades ago in the automotive industry where repetitive motions on the assembly line were causing injuries.  These injuries can directly affect the production cycle causing unnecessary down time or... Learn more

Overhead Bridge Crane | Cost of Ownership
Aug 12 2016

The crane industry is riddled with inferior products that are borderline in meeting industry requirements or standards.  Many times these same crane manufacturers sit on... Learn more

2016-08-04 22:08:34 +0700
Aug 04 2016

When contractors went looking for equipment to make Facebook's new venture a reality they came across a family owned business in Vienna, Ohio called Kundel Industries.  Kundel has provided many big names in the... Learn more

Monorail lift systems
Jul 28 2016

What is a monorail?  Well a monorail is a single rail section that is used to pass a load from one area to another on a single route typically on one axis, see image above.  Now there are curved monorails, similar to an overhead conveyor, that... Learn more