Your Free Standing Crane Problem Solved

Oct 18 2016

Problem called into our team:  Loading and unloading a grinding machine.

Solution:  1000 lb Free Standing Crane with raised end trucks and a magnet. 

The customers team called to say they are loading a grinding machine and then unloading it. They had the parts weight. About 780lbs.  Quite often that is where a lot of details stop. A call to our team and you will discover that is where we start.  In this instance we educated the customer by looking for answeres to the following:

            - Weight of the part, both lightest and heaviest

            - Dimensional size of the part

            - Thoughts on how to pick up the part, position when grabbing it and at the time of loading and unloading

            - Dimensional size of the machine being loaded and unloaded

            - Work cell size

            - Placement of the unloading parts pallet 

            - Placement of the loading pallet 

            - Height from the ground that the part has to be lifted 

            - Height of the part from the ground that it has to be lifted off from for unloading

            - Number of times an hour or shift the load is handled

            - Is the placement of parts crucial

            - Current overhead obstructions

            - Ceiling height

            - Where will the power be for the crane 

            - Crane needs to be supplied with free standing supports or will be ceiling hung or building column haunch supported

After the customer could supply the answers to these questions the solution was right there. The machine clear height along with an obstruction height led us to provide a free standing crane with raised end trucks to maximize lifting height for the given obstruction height. We also learned that part placement onto a spindle needed to be done carefully so as not to damage the spindle. We chose a variable speed hoist and made sure the low speed was set to slowly and accurately place the part onto the spindle.  The customer received pricing for the project which was accurate and designed to his needs. 

Does your team have a free standing crane problem?  Call our team!