Things You May Do with a Workstation Crane

Oct 11 2016

Workstation cranes are very useful in improving productivity, increasing quality and provide a safer work environment. A lot of people use these cranes to effectively solve the problem of handling their material and improving the performance of their business. Work station cranes can help workers to be more productive than the traditional cranes. A study conducted shows that workstation cranes increase productivity up to 28 percent compared to the traditional cranes. This increase in productivity is possible because the crane requires less effort to move than the traditional cranes. In most cases, especially a high cycle time applications, customers can cost justify the crane system with the increase in productivity.

Experience Ease of Movement with a Workstation Crane

Work station cranes are known for their ease of movement. They can move a load three times faster than the traditional crane. This ease of movement could be as a result of the enclosed track design, high strength to weight ratio and rigid runways with anti-binding end trucks. Work station crane can increase the quality of the products while reducing the cost of damaged or rejected products. Loads are much more easy to move and position, which will help minimize most of the damage that could happen to the product during the process of manufacturing it.

This overhead crane system can help you reach the typical ergonomic goal in material handling: Allowing a task to be performed by 90 percent of your workers. Workstation crane permits easy expansion or relocation. The runway length can be increased by adding runway sections, free standing support assemblies and additional bridges as needed. Work Station cranes are known to create better work force utilization. Since physical strength doesn’t become an issue with a workstation crane which can better utilize your work force. This is very true considering the fact that today’s work force is aging and it’s becoming increasingly technology based.

Workstation Crane Details

This type of crane has an enclosed track, easy movement and long life. This crane has rigid runways and a superior load positioning. Installation of a workstation floor crane is easy and can be installed on any standard 6" concrete floor. These require no support structures so work areas are kept clear of obstruction especially when using the ceiling mounted models. It can take capacities of up to 4000 lbs. with multiple track profiles and spanning capabilities. It comes with cold rolled steel with high strength, low weight per foot ratio for smooth rolling surface for reduced rolling resistance. Workstation cranes are versatile, and can perform a wide variety of material handling functions which could produce a rapid return on investment through increased productivity.