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garage door air-actuated magnetic gripper
Dec 23 2019

Here at Kundel, we manufacture custom solutions to your workplace production problems. When we say custom, please read it as a Completely Unique System To Our Measurements. We want to know what you do, how you do it, & in what conditions so... Learn more

istrut workstation table
Dec 23 2019

Kundel now has an exciting new line of products made with extruded aluminum. Extremely lightweight, These Istrut Kits center around organization, safety, and productivity. The istrut automation kits will give the tool system that a craftsman can... Learn more

Nov 19 2019


The newest addition to our line of pre-engineered modular component systems is the perfect solution to help maintain equipment throughout your shop since it requires no special foundation to inherently solve your motion requirements.... Learn more

Nov 04 2019

A new jib crane type has been developed by Kundel Industries. The patent-pending jib utilizes a pined compression tube, combined with double tension rods, giving a new modular component approach that lowers cost, increases efficiency. The new jib... Learn more

COO of Kundel Cranes Invents Great Power Tool for Home Improvers
Nov 01 2016

VIENNA, Ohio — At first, all Robert Kundel Jr. wanted to do was devise a faster, more efficient way to remove rust and... Learn more